What do they all eat?

What do tarantulas eat?

What do tarantulas eatTarantulas mainly eat insects and other arthropods, using ambush as their primary method of prey capture. The biggest tarantulas can kill animals as large as lizards, mice, and birds.


Tarantula description:

The name tarantula comes from the town of Taranto in Southern Italy and denominates a species of European wolf spider. The name was borrowed to apply to the theraphosids when Europeans explored areas where these large spiders were common. In Africa, theraphosids are frequently referred to as "baboon spiders". Asian forms are known as "earth tigers" or "bird-eating spiders". Australians refer to their species as "barking spiders", "whistling spiders", or "bird-eating spiders". People in French-speaking areas may apply the general name "mygales" to theraphosid spiders.

What do tarantulas eat

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