What do they all eat?

What do San Marino people eat?

What do San Marino people eatAs San Marino is a microstate completely landlocked by Italy, the cuisine of San Marino is strongly similar to the Italian cuisine, especially that of the adjoining Emilia-Romagna and Marche regions. However, although partly based on a typical Mediterranean diet, it also draws on a richer eclectic cuisine and has a number of its own unique dishes and products.
Local savoury dishes include fagioli con le cotiche, a Christmas bean and bacon soup; pasta e ceci, a chickpea and noodle soup with garlic and rosemary; nidi di rondine a baked pasta dish with smoked ham, beef, cheese, and a tomato sauce; and roast rabbit with fennel.
There is also a dish found mostly in Borgo Maggiore called a Pieda, which is something similar to a Spanikopita, except it is in a pita, and instead of Feta cheese, it uses mozzarella. Also sometimes escarole is used instead of spinach.
Sweets include a cake known as Torta Tre Monti ("Cake of the Three Mountains/Towers"), based on The Three Towers of San Marino and similar to a layered wafer cake covered in chocolate; Torta Titano, a layered dessert made with biscuit, hazelnuts, chocolate, cream and coffee, also inspired by San Marino's central mountain, Monte Titano; Bustrengo, a traditional Christmas cake made with honey, nuts and dried fruit; Verretta, a dessert made of hazelnuts, praline and chocolate wafers; Cacciatello, a dessert made with milk, sugar and eggs, similar to Crème caramel; and zuppa di ciliegie, cherries stewed in sweetened red wine and served on white bread.
The region also produces a number of wines such as Brugneto and Tessano (cask-aged red wines) and Biancale and Roncale (still white wines). Its liqueurs include the aniseed-flavoured Mistrà, the truffle-flavoured Tilus and the herbal Duca di Gualdo.



San Marino description:

San Marino, officially the Most Serene Republic of San Marino, is a country situated on the eastern side of the Apennine Mountains. It is an enclave of Italy. Its size is just over 61 km2 (24 sq mi) with an estimated population of almost 30000. Its capital is the City of San Marino. One of the European microstates, along with Liechtenstein, the Vatican, Monaco, Andorra, and Malta, San Marino has the smallest population of all the members of the Council of Europe.


What do San Marino people eatWhat do San Marino people eat

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