What do they all eat?

What do owls eat?

What do owls eatHunting occurs mostly at night, but this owl is diurnal and crepuscular as well as nocturnal. Its daylight hunting seems to coincide with the high-activity periods of voles, its preferred prey. It tends to fly only feet above the ground in open fields and grasslands until swooping down upon its prey feet-first (Alsop 2001). Several owls may hunt over the same open area (Kaufman 2000). Its food consists mainly of rodents, especially voles, but it will eat other small mammals and some large insects (Ehrlich 1988). Sometimes it even tends to eat smaller birds. Its flight is characteristically floppy due to its irregular wingbeats. The Short-eared Owl may also be described as "moth or bat-like" in flight.


Owl description:

True owl or Typical owl (family Strigidae) are one of the two generally accepted families of Owls, the other being the barn owls (Tytonidae). The Sibley-Ahlquist taxonomy unites the Caprimulgiformes with the owl order; here, the typical owls are a subfamily Strigidae. This is unsupported by more recent research (see Cypselomorphae for details), but the relationships of the owls in general are still unresolved. This large family comprises around 189 living species in 25 genera. The typical owls have a cosmopolitan distribution and are found on every continent except Antarctica.

What do owls eat

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