What do they all eat?

What do New Caledonia people eat?

What do New Caledonia people eatNew Caledonia cuisine integrates mostly French influences and preparation methods. Still, French cuisine is not the only one who had the chance of developing in this country. Indonesian and Vietnamiese way of cooking mix perfectly with the traditional New Caledonian cuisine. Cooking in this country implies integrating in various recipe methods and components from many different cuisine such as the Melanesian, Pulynesia, Japanese, Reunion, North Africa, Caraibean and even from Australia. Bringin in many different nationalies, New Caledonia is a representant of all kind of cuisine. One can always try the local specialties that offer the opportunity of tasting an exquisite meal made with all kind of special ingredients. Here are just few of the ingredients that people from this country use for preparation of unique dishes: fruit bat, escargot, Crayfish, venison, tropical fruits, coconut milk, fish and many more. Food is prepared in many different ways some of them brought in this country by the migrants. Either the food is being braised like the Malaesian people do, steamed in an Asian way, or rawed in the Tahitian manner the taste and the flavors are fascinating to ones senses.



New Caledonia description:

New Caledonia (French: officially: Nouvelle-Calédonie; colloquially: (la) Calédonie; popular nickname: (le) Caillou), has a special status of sui generis collectivity of France. It is located in the subregion of Melanesia in the southwest Pacific. It comprises a main island (Grande Terre), the Loyalty Islands, and several smaller islands. Approximately half the size of Taiwan, it has a land area of 18,575.5 square kilometres (7,172 sq mi). The population was estimated in January 2009 to be 249,000. The capital and largest city of the territory is Nouméa.

What do New Caledonia people eatWhat do New Caledonia people eat

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