What do they all eat?

What do Nepal people eat?

What do Nepal people eatThe cultural and geographic diversity of Nepal provide ample space for a variety of cuisines based on ethnicity, soil and climate. Nevertheless dal-bhat-tarkari is eaten throughout the country. Dal is a spicy/non-spicy soup made of lentils. It is served over boiled grain, bhat -- usually rice but sometimes another grain -- with vegetable curry, tarkari. Typical condiments are a small amount of extremely spicy chutney  or Achaar made from fresh ingredients) or fermented pickle achaar , sliced lemon(nibua) or lime (kagati) and fresh chili peppers, khursani. The variety of achars is staggering, said to number in the thousands.



Nepal description:

Nepal , officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked country in South Asia. It is located in the Himalayas and bordered to the north by the People's Republic of China, and to the south, east, and west by the Republic of India. With an area of 147,181 square kilometres (56,827 sq mi) and a population of approximately 30 million, Nepal is the world's 93rd largest country by land mass and the 41st most populous country.

what d nepal people eatwhat do nepal people eat

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