What do they all eat?

What do Madagascar people eat?

What do Madagascar people eatRice is the cornerstone of the Malagasy diet and is typically consumed at every meal. The verb "to eat" in the Malagasy language is mihinam-bary - literally, to eat rice.
The accompaniment served with rice varies according to what is locally available and in season. Among the most common laoka are voanjobory (Bambara peas flavored with pork), kitoza (seasoned dried strips of zebu- local humped cattle), trondro gasy (fish), ravitoto (shredded cassava leaves with peanuts or pork), beef (henan'omby) or chicken (akoho) sauteed with ginger, romazava (beef and mixed greens sauteed with ginger, tomato and onion), tsaramaso (beans in a tomato sauce), and various types of seafood, which are more readily available along the coasts or in large urban centers. Garlic, onions, ginger, tomatoes, mild curry, and salt are the most common ingredients used to flavor dishes, and in coastal areas coconut milk, vanilla and spices such as cloves or turmeric may also be used. A spicy condiment made from red or green chili pepper (sakay) is served on the side rather than mixing the chilis directly into the food as it is being cooked. Indian-style condiments made of pickled mango, lemon, and other fruits (known as achards), are a specialty of the northwestern coast. An achard-like salad of green beans, cabbage, carrots and onion in a vinaigrette sauce (called lasary) is also popular as a side dish - or as the filling of a baguette sandwich - in the Highlands.



Madagascar description:

Madagascar, or Republic of Madagascar (older name Malagasy Republic, French: République malgache), is an island nation in the Indian Ocean off the southeastern coast of Africa. The main island, also called Madagascar, is the fourth-largest island in the world.


what do madagascar peopleeatWhat do Madagascar people eat

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