What do they all eat?

What do Jordanese people eat?

What do Jordanese people eatOriginally, the Arabs of the Arabian Peninsula relied heavily on a diet of dates, wheat, barley, rice and meat, with little variety and heavy emphasis on yogurt products, such as labneh (yoghurt without butterfat). As the indigenous Semitic people of the peninsula wandered, so their tastes and favored ingredients went with them.
There is a strong emphasis on the following items in Arabian cuisine:

  • Meat: lamb and chicken are the most used, with beef and camel used to a lesser degree. Other poultry is used in some regions, and in coastal areas, pork is completely prohibited
  • Dairy products: dairy products are widely used, especially yogurt and white cheese. Butter and cream are also used extensively.
  • Herbs and spices: mint and thyme (often in a mix called za'atar) are widely and almost universally used
  • Beverages: hot beverages are used more than cold, coffee being on the top of the list, mostly in the Gulf countries. However, tea is also served in many Arab countries.
  • Grains: rice is the staple and is used for most dishes; wheat is the main source for bread. Bulgur and semolina are also used extensively.
  • Legumes: lentils are widely used as well as fava beans and chick peas (garbanzo beans).
  • Vegetables and fruits: Arabic cuisine also favors vegetables such as cucumbers, aubergine (eggplant), courgette (zucchini), okra and onions, and fruits (primarily citrus)which are often used as seasonings for entrees. Olives as well as dates, figs and pomegranate are also widely used.
  • Nuts: almonds, pine nuts, pistachios, and walnuts are often included.
  • Greens: parsley and mint are popular as seasonings in many dishes, while spinach and Corchorus (called "molokhia" in Arabic) are used in cooked dishes.
  • Dressings and sauces: The most popular dressings include various combinations of olive oil, lemon juice, parsley, and/or garlic, and tahini (sesame paste). Labaneh, thinned yogurt, is often seasoned with mint and onion or garlic, and served as a sauce with various dishes.



Jordan description:

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a kingdom on the East Bank of the River Jordan in West Asia. It borders Saudi Arabia to the southeast, Iraq to the east, Syria to the north, Palestine (the West Bank) and Israel to the west, sharing control of the Dead Sea. Jordan's only port is at its southern tip, at the Gulf of Aqaba, which is shared with Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Much of Jordan is covered by the Arabian Desert. However, the north-western part of Jordan is part of the Fertile Crescent. The capital city is Amman.


What do Jordanese people eatWhat do Jordanese people eat

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