What do they all eat?

What do Guyanese people eat?

What do Guyana people eatGuyanese cuisine has many similarities to that of the rest of the Caribbean. The food is diverse and includes dishes such as curry, roti and cookup rice (a one-pot meal of rice with beans or peas sometimes a combination of both accompanied by chicken or salt fish).Dishes have been adapted to Guyanese tastes, often by the addition of spices. Unique preparations include Pepperpot, a stew of Amerindian origin made with Cassareep (a bitter extract of the cassava), hot pepper and seasoning. Other favourites are cassava bread, stews, and Metemgie, a thick rich soup with a ground provision coconut base and fluffy dumplings, eaten with fried fish or chicken.here is an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood on the coast. Most people use fresh fruit to make their own beverages, which are called "local drink". Popular homemade drinks are mauby, made from the bark of a tree; sorrel drink, made from a leafy vegetable used in salads; and ginger beer (made from ginger root) and peanut punch.Popular Guyanese dishes are: Chicken Curry, Duck curry, lamb & Goat curry as well as meat stews. Roti, fishes (ex: gilbaka, catfish, shrimps). Popular Vegetables: okra, bora (type of long beans - about 12inches long), Mustard Spinach, eddos, potatoe, same (type of bean),sweet potatoes, banana, plaintains, squash.



Guyana description:

Guyana, officially the Co-operative Republic of Guyana and previously known as British Guiana, is a state on the northern coast of South America that is culturally part of the Anglophone Caribbean. Guyana has been a former colony of the British, Dutch and for a brief period, the French. It is the only state of the Commonwealth of Nations on mainland South America, and is also a member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), which has its secretariat headquarters in Guyana's capital, Georgetown. Guyana achieved independence from the United Kingdom on 26 May 1966 and became a Republic on 23 February 1970.


what do guyanese people eatwhat do guyanese people eat

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