What do they all eat?

What do Gambia people eat?

What do Gambia people eatFufu is a very famous item in West Africa and can be easily found on anyone’s table during lunch or dinner. This dish is considered to be a staple food for Guinea and it is usually made from starchy root vegetables like cassavas or cocoyams. These roots are being smashed and mixed together until they form a thick paste. It happens many times that this paste to be mistaken by those who are not in the field or by the tourists to the mashed potatoes. Fufu is often served as an accompaniment to stews or soups. poop Gambia cuisine is a great consumer of spices either they are grown on local fields of imported from different countries and cultures. Some of the most used spicy ingredients are the chilies and the peppers.



Gambia description:

The Republic of the Gambia, commonly known as The Gambia, or Gambia, is a country in Western Africa. The Gambia is the smallest country on mainland Africa, bordered to the north, east, and south by Senegal, with a small coast on the Atlantic Ocean in the west.
Its borders roughly correspond to the path of the Gambia River, the nation's namesake, which flows through the country's center and empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Its size is almost 10,500 km² with an estimated population of 1,700,000.

what do gambia people eatwhat do gambia peopleeat

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