What do they all eat?

What do caecilians eat?

What do caecilians eatThe diet of caecilians is not well-known. Mature caecilians seem to feed mostly on insects and other invertebrates found in the habitat of the respective species. The stomach contents of 14 specimens of Afrocaecilia taitana consisted of mostly undefinable organic material and plant remains. Where identifiable remains were most abundant, they were found to be termite heads. While it was suggested that the undefinable organic material shows that the caecilians eat detritus, others believe these are in fact the remains of earthworms. Caecilians in captivity can be easily fed with earthworms, and worms are also common in the habitat of many caecilian species.



Caecilians description:

The caecilians are an order (Gymnophiona) of amphibians that superficially resemble earthworms or snakes. They mostly live hidden in the ground, which makes them one of the least known orders of amphibians. All extant caecilians and their closest fossil relatives are grouped as the clade Apoda.

what do caecilians eat

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