What do they all eat?

What do breams eat?

What do breams eatIt lives in schools near the bottom. At night carp bream can feed close to the shore and in clear waters with sandy bottoms the feeding pits can be seen during daytime. The fish's protactile mouth helps it dig for chironomidae larvae, tubificidae, bivalves, and gastropods. The carp bream eats water plants and plankton as well.

In very turbid waters bream can occur in large numbers which can result in a shortage of bottom feeds like chironomidae. The carp bream is then forced to start filter feeding with its gill rakers with Daphnia as the main prey. As the fish grows the gill rakers grow to far apart to catch its prey and the bream will not grow bigger than 40 cm. If a carp bream is malnourished it can develop a so-called knife back, the formation of a very sharp edge along its back.



Bream description:

The carp bream (Abramis brama) (or simply bream in the UK) is a species of fresh-water fish belonging to the family Cyprinidae.The common bream can be caught in most stocking fisheries, canals and some rivers.

What do breams eat

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