What do they all eat?

What do Boo-Boo Bear eat?

What do Boo-Boo Bear eatBoo-Boo bear likes to feed mostly from picnic baskets, this would be his favorite food, but when he do not have a picnic basket to feed of, then he will eats as any normal brown bear, pretty mush anything , they are omnivorous bears.



Boo-Boo Bear description:

Boo-Boo Bear is a Hanna-Barbera cartoon character on The Yogi Bear Show, an anthropomorphic bear cub in a bow tie, of uncertain relationship to Yogi Bear, and often attempts to act as his conscience; he tries (usually unsuccessfully) to keep Yogi from doing things he should not do, and also to keep Yogi from getting into trouble with Ranger Smith. Often he would say "But Yogi, Mr. Ranger isn't gonna like this." or some variation. It is not readily apparent whether Boo-Boo is a juvenile bear with a precocious intellect or simply an adult bear who is short of stature. However, in the episode "Cub Scout Boo-Boo", in which Yogi tries to persuade Boo-Boo to become a Boy Scout. Boo-Boo declines the offer, but Yogi corrects him by saying that he will be joining the "Cub Scouts", which Boo-Boo accepts.

what do booboobear eat

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