What do they all eat?

What do Horneros eat?

What do Horneros eatRufous Horneros feed on insects and other arthropods obtained by foraging on the ground while walking.They sometimes also feed on human waste, such as bread crumbs.


Horneros description:

Horneros are brown birds with rather short tails and fairly long bills. They are known for building mud nests that resemble old wood-fired ovens (the Spanish word "hornero" comes from horno, meaning "oven"). While many Furnariids have different nests, the hornero nest is the reason for the common name applied to the entire family; Ovenbirds (though unrelated to the Ovenbird, which is a parulid warbler). The size and exact shape of the hornero nest varies depending on the species. They generally lay 2–4 eggs, although the breeding behavior of the Bay Hornero is virtually unknown.

What do Horneros eat

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